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Desert Safari in Dubai

The Morning Desert Safari : Start your morning with adventure. Spend your day under desert morning sun rays. Have an exciting experience of Morning Desert Safari.

Morning Desert Safari is a full of adventure trip. It’s best for those who love to have continuous adventure, thrill and fun. The adventurous trip begins early in morning; we pick you from your located place and take you to the Desert Safari. Thrill of trip starts with awe-inspiring dune bashing. After that, we will take you for a camel ride, sandboarding and a memorable Quad biking.


The Evening Safari : The evening safari starts usually before sunset. It is the time when the temperature starts dropping. This type of safari is taken mostly by couples.


The Overnight desert safari starts mostly after sunset and lasts till midnight or even later. Most of the time, these overnight safaris start at 9 PM and last 4 or 5 hours or even more.


What you get


No matter what safari you choose, it is filled with an experience of a lifetime. You can experience dune driving and dune bashing, enjoy photography (especially during the evening safaris), enjoy barbecue and belly dance of the locals (particularly during the overnight desert safari Dubai), and experience camel rides. There are also many people who like to take the entire safari on camels.


During a safari, you also get to enjoy wearing local or traditional attire. We at Safari Experts Dubai offer local attire in the package. During the overnight safari, you will also be given camp stays, sleeping bags, blankets and much more.

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